TOT Systems Solutions
for corporate accelerators

The acceleration program is an effective tool for quickly attracting the technologies needed by the company and ready-made product teams.

Corporate acceleration programs include identifying innovation priorities, collecting applications and selecting projects that meet the company's current requirements, in-depth examination of proposed technologies, implementation and monitoring of projects that have successfully passed acceleration.

The development of acceleration programs is slow due to the lack of tools in large companies that allow you to quickly find and test new ideas. These digital tools are designed to automate and accelerate the processes of search, monitoring, selection, evaluation, implementation of ideas and technologies.

TOT Systems offers ready-made solutions for each stage of the corporate acceleration process

TOT Select is a funnel for selecting ideas from the external or internal environment of the company, their initial verification and evaluation.

TOT Expertise is a solution for conducting a complex, complex examination involving live experts who must familiarize themselves with the objects in detail.

TOT Committee is a tool for holding online and offline meetings of investment decision—making bodies that should speak out on the objects of consideration.

TOT TechRad is a showcase that allows you to use manual and automatic tools to find and display these objects of innovative management in a convenient way.