TOT Systems Solutions
for technology corporations

Modern technology corporations, in order to preserve and improve business performance, must continuously introduce innovations on three development horizons:

  • continuous optimization of current production processes to maintain current markets;
  • development of new products and services for the development of current markets;
  • search for new ideas that transform the company to explore or create new markets.
The basis of the innovation process is new ideas, technologies, projects that have a positive impact on business at different planning horizons. Innovations can be attracted both from the outside through technological scouting, competitions, collaboration and incubation programs, and from the inside — by collecting product ideas and rationalization proposals, developing internal entrepreneurship, and regularly engaged in R&D. The process of innovation implementation should be systematic, continuous and controlled, which requires the availability of high-quality tools.



TOT Systems offers ready-made solutions for each stage of the innovation process

TOT Systems products allow you to automate the entire process of innovation management:

  • collection of technological orders from the company's divisions and identification of priority areas of technological development;
  • attraction, selection and evaluation of external and internal ideas, proposals and projects;
  • decision-making on the introduction of technological innovations;
  • monitoring the implementation of innovative projects.

We understand typical tasks and problems of technology corporations and offer ready-made solutions that accelerate the introduction of innovations in companies of any scale.