TOT Systems Solutions
for development funds

Development institutes are a widespread tool in the world, the goals of which are to facilitate the processes of the emergence and spread of technologies, to facilitate the accelerated formation of new sectors of the economy, to support technological and knowledge — intensive startups, to promote the export of new products.

Support and development funds often deal with new technologies that do not have predecessors and corresponding markets. Therefore, their activities are always associated with high investment risks and require a thorough and comprehensive examination to eliminate obviously unviable projects, duplicates and "grant-eaters". The actual task of any development institution is to increase the transparency of the project selection procedure and collect investment efficiency analytics.


TOT Systems offers ready-made solutions for each stage of the subsidy distribution process

TOT Select is a funnel for selecting grant projects, their initial verification and evaluation.

TOT Expertise is a solution for conducting complex, complex expertise involving live industry experts.

TOT Committee is a tool to speed up the work of investment decision—making bodies.

TOT TechRad is a showcase that allows using manual and automatic tools to attract projects relevant to the subject of the grant program.