TOT Systems: 3 years together


On May 7, we celebrated the company's third birthday. A big celebration on this occasion will take place later, but for now it's time to sum up some of the results of the life path of TOT Systems.


This year, a group of specialists who make up the core of the current company left a major integrator to make their own solutions on a modern technology stack. The sad experience of several projects, for which we had to develop solutions from scratch each time, determined the main vector of development — the development of our own flexible automation platform.


Six months later, the first full-fledged solutions grew on the platform — business modules TOT Select and TOT Expertise. They were developed initially for specific customers, but very soon we were able to replicate them and are now implementing them as individual systems that can be combined if desired. Modules are responsible for the selection and examination of incoming objects — ideas, projects, startups. The logical development of the development was the appearance of the third module TOT Committee, which accelerates the work of collegial decision-making bodies.


After another six months of constant communication with customers, we identified a request for analytics and visualization tools. This is how the technology radar TOT TechRad appeared. On the one hand, it collects and formulates technological orders of departments and relevant external proposals, and on the other hand, it displays an up-to-date picture of the technological development of the organization and helps to determine priority areas of business development. The accounting module TOT Record, which appeared at the end of the year, is a project progress monitoring system that allows you to keep records of the organization's launched innovative projects and related activities. It turns out that we have automated almost the entire cycle of innovation implementation — from identifying needs to monitoring implemented projects. The integration module developed in the same year allows you to use solutions in any combination. The administration module TOT Control Panel removes general settings from the modules and allows system analysts to configure processes, notifications and directories of all deployed solutions in one place.


This year we are focusing on further development of the platform and the existing business modules. Seeing the growing demand for inter-organizational collaboration and knowledge and technology transfer tools, we are improving current products so that they can solve these tasks as well. We are working towards improving the convenience of working with our solutions. To do this, we implemented a low-code approach that allows users to configure the system independently without the participation of developers, and carried out a redesign that simplifies the UX of our modules. We test new product hypotheses, but we invariably maintain the general course that corresponds to our values — we facilitate the introduction and dissemination of knowledge and innovations.

Overall progress in three years

1 microservice platform
16 platform services
5 ready-made business modules
9 major projects
the team has grown by 2 times

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