"Inconsult K" conducts an examination of scientific papers for the forum "Science of the future - the science of the young"


"The Science of the Future - the Science of the Young" is the largest youth scientific forum organized annually by the Ministry of Science and Education since 2015. It will be held from November 17 to 20 on the basis of three Russian universities in Moscow and Kaliningrad. At the same time, an international scientific conference will be held at the same venues.

The forum will host the final of the annual VI All-Russian competition of research papers of students and postgraduates (research competition). Students and postgraduates who have reached the final of the competition will be able to personally present the results of their work to the international scientific community, and will also have the opportunity to communicate with scientists who occupy world-leading positions in various fields of sciences.

To participate in the competition, students and postgraduates submit research papers prepared individually or in collaboration with other students and postgraduates. The competition is held in 10 scientific areas: from fundamental and natural sciences to information technology, ecology and medicine.

The competition received more than 5 thousand applications. This is three times more than last year, in 2020 1,343 applications were sent to the competition. About 3000 applications have been pre-screened and submitted for examination, which is supervised by our permanent partner and customer "Inconsult K". The evaluation of research and development will be conducted in the Examination System built on the basis of TOT Expertise.

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